Motomoss is a small father-son company which hand builds custom motorcycles. No two are alike nor will they ever be. Striving to do something totally unique and challenging is our goal with each bike we produce.  As a licensed architect with my own design firm for over 25 years, I’ve long considered the necessity for good design a driving force in my life. As a designer, I’ve often struggled with the concept of “Form follows Function” as an absolute.  It’s true; function is paramount and necessary to good design but what about the value of pure artistic license.  Cannot form also follow eye pleasing lines and proportions without being strictly related to function. We at Motomoss believe this to be true.

Proportion, attention to detail, scale, balance and true aesthetic, must all work together to correctly create an operational piece of functional art... moto art.

Started in 2016, we are a new company to the hand built scene. Unlike many custom builds out there, which look beautiful, but are realistically not rideable, we strive to build bikes that are not only esthetically pleasing, but which can also get you down the road and back no matter how far or fast you want to go.

At Motomoss, we strive to do everything in house.  Frame fabrication and machining our own cad designed parts, engine rebuilding, performance engineering and metal shaping. This way we control the end result and can be confident in what goes out the door, because we built it.


Here’s to the challenge!